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"Before I started looking at shoes, I really thought it didn't matter - I had a long dress, who was going to see them? But, these were comfortable and beautiful, and they actually did show a lot. Worth every penny!" - Elizabeth Davis

"I'm coming back to take another look at your shoes - I've looked all around town and now I know. I can recognize the quality of these shoes from one kilometer away! I'm thinking when I dye these black, I can wear them forever! It's really, really comfortable. Thanks so much, I'm so happy!" - Bilge Altunakar

"I just have to tell you, everyone who has seen these shoes has loved them! They are so beautiful and I'm ecstatic!" - Liz Elberson

"I love my shoes!! When I tried them on, birdies held a banner proclaiming "THESE ARE THE ONES!!". On an occasion where shoes make or break the outfit - THANK YOU!!" - Amy Wolff

"This is my shoe - that was easy. That was easier than buying my wedding dress; like a hundred times easier!" - Elena Veksler

"Before I came here, I looked at a lot of shoes - a lot of bad quality shoes. This experience was easy and very pleasant!" - Laura Petraszek

"Thank you James for taking such good care of our feet! We look forward to seeing the shoes and purse on Friday." - Jeannie & Stephanie Riesch

" I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for helping me find my perfect wedding shoes! I came in to see you last summer (for my Oct. 4th wedding). For months I had searched high and low for just the right shoe, and after much trial and error (and frustration!) with other designer's shoes, I finally dropped by your store, "just to look".

You asked who designed my wedding gown and made suggestions on shoe styles, based on your knowledge of the gown's designer. You were so patient as I contemplated each of your breathtaking beauties and definitely steered me in the right direction. I absolutely fell in love with your shoes not only for the superb quality and comfort (hard to find in a high heel), but because of the sheer beauty of your designs. Thirty minutes later, I emerged from your store relieved to have found the perfect shoe, and so in love with my purchase. They are like works of art that I just have to show off to everyone.

I sing praise to any brides-to-be that I ever come across. Thanks a million!" - Rebecca Czerw (Haag)

"These are the best! They are like walking on air - hands down, these are the most comfortable. They are just super comfortable!" - Elizabeth Cain

"Honestly, I have never stepped into a shoe that felt this good before!" - Carann Rak

"I wanted to write and tell you how wonderfully my shoes and bag looked with my wedding dress. You were able to find the perfect ivory shade. My Mom and I were both so pleased with our shoes for the wedding. Thank you for all of your attention to detail." - Deanna Baker

"This is the first pair of shoes that did not hurt my feet. We had a terrific time at my wedding and the shoes felt and looked beautiful. I wore them from 1:30 PM to 1:30 AM and danced, walked and even ran in them. Thank you James! I went to every shoe store in Chicago and your shoes were by far the prettiest. I now know they are the most comfortable too!" - Courtney Holdhen

"Thank you for your outstanding customer service! I can hardly wait to wear my bridal shoes. Thank you for helping me be my most beautiful self! Most girls dream of what their wedding dress will look like on that special day. Not me... I've always dreamed of what my shoes would look like. Since I'm such a shoe lover, I was prepared to spend $600 to $900 on a pair of Jimmy Choo's, Rene Caovilla's or Christian Louboutin's for my bridal shoes. When I saw Evita by James Ciccotti, I stopped shopping. Thank you for making my day extra special!" - Pam Fischer

"Never have I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. My lovely pair of bridal shoes (Evita) was my favorite thing about my entire bridal ensemble. They are the most stunning shoe I've ever owned.

Thank you for being so helpful in helping me decide which size to wear as well as shipping multiple shoes!

If you're ever interested in opening a boutique in Charleston, SC... let me know. There are bundles of Southern-Belle brides here & I know they'd snap your bridal shoes up!" - Pam Fischer

"I put your shoes on at 10AM and at midnight they were still comfortable. I couldn't believe a pair of shoes that beautiful could be so comfortable. Thanks for saving my feet!" Sally Hoskins

"The shoes I purchased for Michelle to wear at her wedding were phenomenal. The color you dyed them was an exact match to her dress. This was the only wedding I attended that the bride wore her shoes the entire evening. Michelle put them on at 3:00 PM and never took them off until after 1:00 AM. She danced the night away in total comfort. Of course, they looked spectacular and people commented on the elegant look. Thanks again for all of your assistance and guidance." - Diane Simms

"Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect shoes for my wedding day. I had no idea I could have such gorgeous 3 inch heels that I could dance in all night long. I didn't take them off from 5 PM - 5 AM! I never even came into the store and I received such personalized service. I have enclosed some pictures from my day." - Tyler Grossi

"These are still the best I've seen anywhere for my dress and I am quite the shoe gal!" - Megan Schumaker

"Thank you very much for all of our TLC during by bridal shoe shopping experience. Your warmth and service from start to finish were above and beyond. I gave your cards to Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier in NYC. They were so pleased. Thank you again for your expertise." - Caren Caplan-Miller

"Thank you so much for all of your help with the shoes and other accessories. Everything turned out beautiful!" - Aracely Rojas

"I love them! I have my wedding shoes - this is a big moment!" Ann Weilbaecher

" Thanks so much for my beautiful green shoes for my wedding day! I loved them and received a lot of compliments. We have so many memories from the day. Thank you again for everything!" - Denise and Mike Lowry

"This is a slice of Heaven. This is the most comfortable shoe I've put on. This is no contest - a no brainer. Unbelievable! Wow, that's amazing!" Sharyl Rothschild

"Thank you so much for the beautiful shoes. I absolutely love them and they go perfectly with my gown. Your gift was so generous and I'll remember it always. You are such a wonderful designer and I recommend everyone to come see you!" -Stephanie Mann

"I LOVE these shoes and can't wait to wear them at my wedding." - Jennifer Irwin

"I never had a chance to put on your shoes prior to my daughter's wedding in August and just wanted to tell you, I've never been able to put on and wear a pair of shoes the first time, let alone dance in them for the whole evening! Thank you - it was a lovely wedding!" - Nancy Harding

"The silk shoes that I purchased in your exquisite showroom were, in a word, perfect. I felt like the most well-appointed bride in all of history. Before I discovered your line, I looked literally EVERYWHERE for wedding shoes - online, boutiques, the finest department stores, specialty shops, you name it. On my wedding day, when I stepped outside onto the wet New York City pavement for a few shots outside the Waldorf-Astoria, I considered asking to be carried so as not to risk a single blemish on the soles. Miraculously, they remained quite clean and dry. I keep my shoes in their original box in my closet. I take them out now and then and reminisce about my wedding day. The bottoms are a bit scuffed from dancing ... I never had to take them off, because they never once hurt my feet. I look forward to wearing them to other special events in the future. Thank you for providing the most outstanding service, quality and design, and for bringing a little magic to my bridal shopping experience."
- Amy Khokhar
"P.S. Thank you for changing out the buckle from silver to gold per my request, to match my jewelry. It was a detail that really mattered to me, and you did not hesitate to go out of your way to accommodate me."

"These are dreamy - not even my best evening shoes are as comfortable as these." - Rita O'Neill (Mother of the Groom)

"I'm so happy that I found you ... I can't even tell you!" Sheila Lerman

"I've never been so excited about shoes before. They're Swarovski crystals!" Deanna Stoer

"Thank you so much for all your help in choosing wedding shoes. I know you had to stay late and I truly appreciate that you took the time to help me. I visited fifteen stores in Chicago and the suburbs looking for "THE SHOES". I even enlisted the help of my students and some of their parents gave suggestions as well. Once I came across your website, I knew I had to visit your store. Sure enough, you had exactly what I had envisioned. Your designs are magnificent and you were a pleasure to work with. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends!" - Audrey Nieman

"I never thought this was going to be such a process. You think you are just going to go out and find a pair of shoes. Thank God for you!" - Elizabeth Saylor

"I was married in October of 2008. I had my shoes on the whole time (even though they were high heels) and could not have been happier with them. I was surprised for such a high heel - they were very comfortable!" - Sara Lane

"The shoes are prettier in real life than in the magazine - they are really nice in your ad, but even lovelier in the store!" - Sofia Miller